Message from Management

Paramount Bed Group was established in 1947. Paramount Bed Group started out as a manufacturer of hospital beds, and later began to provide beds to senior care facilities and home care while developing a diversity of products and services in consideration of the subsequent backdrop of demographic aging.
In recent years, Paramount Bed Group has been diversifying its operations in Japan and abroad, centered on healthcare fields such as manufacturing and selling hospital and nursing care beds, inspection and maintenance services, as well as wholesale rental operation for assistive products. Today, we deliver our products to over 110 countries worldwide. Going forward, in keeping with the corporate statement of “as human, for human,” Paramount Bed Group remains committed to creating and increasing customer satisfaction and augmenting enterprise value, while contributing to society through our business activities. In these endeavors, I would like to request your continued support.

  • Chairperson

    Kyosuke Kimura

  • President and Chief Executive Officer

    Tomohiko Kimura