Paramount Healthcare Research Institute


Paramount HRI Collects and Disseminates Evidence and Information Aimed at Achieving Sustainable Healthcare and Nursing-care.

Business Description

Organizational Name Paramount Healthcare Research Institute
Key Activities and Functions

●Regular dissemination of information through research journals, online resources, etc.
●Presentation of seminars to healthcare and nursing-care workers, patients, users and families
●Provision of information on management for healthcare facilities and nursing-care operators

Dissemination of Information

●For corporations engaged in healthcare and nursing-care:
Proposals, etc. on the use of advanced technologies such as ICT and the internet of things (IoT) to improve QOL and business operations
●For public-sector institutions:
Recommendation of policies for system designs that are innovative and cost-effective, etc.
●For patients, users and families:
Provision of information on safe, secure and comfortable treatment and living environments, etc.

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Fields of Research

Healthcare and Nursing-care
●Reorganization/Revision of remuneration
●Project management
●Market and industry trends
●Independent-living support and rehabilitation
●Safety promotion
●provement of quality of life(QOL)