Strategies and Goals

Medium and Long-term Strategic Objectives

Sustain the growth of current activities

Health care is changing in many ways. There are more advanced treatments, increasing use of IT, shorter hospital stays, and a smaller number of hospital beds. As these changes progress, there will probably be more demand for senior care facilities and nursing care services for seniors at home. The Paramount Bed Group views these events as an excellent opportunity. Our goal is to continue expanding our current activities while retaining our competitive edge.

Become a more global organization

To increase overseas sales of healthcare beds and associated products, we are adding sales locations and taking other actions to establish a stronger presence overseas. We have factories in Indonesia, China, France and Vietnam that work closely with our manufacturing activities in Japan. We plan to continue building a global infrastructure that can manufacture our products in the best locations to serve our customers.

Launch new businesses

The Paramount Bed Group plans to start more new businesses that can take advantage of the group’s core strengths. For example, we have recently added a rental and wholesale business for welfare care products and a maintenance business for beds and other items.

Global Operations

Collaboration between Japanese and overseas operations to create the best possible manufacturing network

Overseas, the Paramount Group supplies products that match the needs of customers while carefully monitoring market conditions. Until recently, Southeast Asia, China and the Middle East have accounted for most sales outside Japan. Now we are establishing a presence in India and Central and South America, too. Overall, we have sold our products in more than 100 countries.
We are currently adding sales bases and taking other steps to enlarge overseas operations. We are focusing most of all on the rapidly growing markets of Asian countries and Central and South America.