Earnings Distributions (dividends and others)

Basic Policy for Earnings Distributions

Distributing earnings to shareholders is one of the highest priorities of the Paramount Bed Group. Since we became a publicly owned company, we have raised the dividend per share to reflect growth in earnings, conducted stock splits, paid commemorative dividends and used other methods to distribute earnings.
We plan to continue to distribute earnings to shareholders in a manner that reflects earnings. Dividend decisions will incorporate all applicable factors, including the need to increase financial soundness and other aspects of operations in order to continue growing and respond to rapid changes in our markets.
We will work to achieve a dividend payout ratio of 30% and DOE 2.7% as the benchmark of our distribution of earnings to shareholders.

Dividend per Share


2019/3 2020/3 2021/3 2022/3 2023/3(forecast)
Interim 25.0 25.0 25.0 26.0 28.0
Year-end 25.0 25.0 26.5 29.0 29.0
Total 50.0 50.0 51.5 55.0 57.0
Payout ratio (%) 44.7 42.3 34.8 35.2 37.7

* The Company carried out a 1:2 stock split of common shares effective April 1, 2021.
   The above figures show the annual dividend per share calculated based on the assumption that the split took place on Jan 1, 2018
* The forecast for the FY2023/3 dividends and dividend payout ratio are as of May 12, 2022.